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Schoenhorst, Chortitza

the house

At the end of the road , just this side of the creek, in the little Mennonite Darp of Schoenhorst stands a jewel, a beautifully restored monument to a by gone time and a people long since absent from its streets and homes. The owner, Dima, graciously allowed us into  his yard and house and  to photograph it using my Matterport 3D camera scanner. He also gave permission to publish it online without asking anything in return.

Feeling Dima's respect for our past nearly moved me to tears.

Dima had done the entire renovation on his own initiative. I felt an awe at the effort he had gone to to preserve something so meaningful to us and "our" people. While not everything was original, he had tried hard to re-create the feeling of prosperous neatness that once pervaded the area.

Street View

Gazing down the street, one can almost hear the chatter of Low German and the swish of tails as the cows make their way  home for the evening milking.


The Neighbourhood

Several similar houses nearby are standing and in fairly good condition. 

Bird's Eye View

Nearly a thousand pictures were taken from a UAV(drone) and combined into a huge, highly detailed photo of the entire village of Schoenhorst. 

Attention to Details

The current owner’s attention to original details was  amazing. As much as possible, even the smallest hooks and fasteners were rebuilt to what they used to be.

All images are the property of Brent Wiebe

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