A Window Into the Past

 Exploring Our Russian Mennonite Heritage

Trails of the Past was started by Brent Wiebe in 2019 with the initial focus of researching Russian Mennonite Historical Maps. The next step was creating 3D historical visualizations using computer software. Our goal is to make  Mennonite history interesting and accessible to all by using modern digital and online platforms to present it. We also feel that sharing information benefits everyone and express sincere thanks to all the researchers who have graciously shared the results of their work with us. We are now focused on Russian, Ukrainian, and Manitoba village locations.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Russian Mennonite Historical Maps

Historical Maps

Thanks to the Plett Foundation, researching Russian Mennonite historical maps has become the backbone of our project.

Russian Mennonite Historical Buildings


Relying on our experience in architectural design, we recreate Russian Mennonite historical sites and buildings digitally, using existing drawings, photos, and literature.


Our experienced team of data analysts and programmers perform complex analytical tasks by means of custom scripts.