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  1. I am wondering if you have anything about The Terek Colony. It is near the Caspian Sea with a view one Caucasus Mountains. I believe the settlement was founded approx. 1903.
    My father in law, Cornelius, Cornelius Penner was born in Village #3 ( Thalma ) on August 1, 1909. The villages were terrorized bythe chekens and others in W.W. 1. The villages fled to Molotchna – mostly by 1917-1918, leaving their pillaged farms and burning barns behind. They were able to stay with relatives in Altonau – again terrorized by the White and Red armies during the Anarchy. Fortunately they were able to escape to .canada in July,1924.
    My father in law was a great story teller – I have visages of the school children hiding under their desks, while bullets rained down on the school.
    My mother in law – Margaretta Peters grew up on a wealthy estate in Bergthsl. Her family lost everything during the anarchy period and also emigrated to Canada. She came to Canada on the same ship as Cornelius! They did no meet until the 1940’s.
    Thank you.

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