The Mennonite Great Room/Parlour

The Mennonite House – Great Room The Great Room was the highlight of the Russian Mennonite house. Out of bounds for children, it was for the parents and their guests only. Medicine, fancy dishes, and valuables were stored here, as well as old books, passports, and bedding. The big central stove in the middle of […]

Mennonite Traditions in Epidemics DE

„Glaube unserer Väter,“ Pest und Pandemie: Gegenseitige Hilfe, Impfungen und soziale Einschränkungen. Von Arnold Neufeldt-Fast, Toronto, Ontario. Mit Aufzeichnungen und Karten von Brent Wiebe, Alberta English Version Danzig Pandemien und Seuchen waren Teil der längeren preußisch-russischen mennonitischen Geschichte. Was können wir von unseren mennonitischen Vorfahren und ihren Reaktionen lernen? Danzig: Pest und Pestilenz Russische und […]

Mennonite Traditions in Epidemics

“Faith of our Fathers” in Past Plagues: Mutual aid, vaccinations and social restrictions. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast With Maps and Illustrations by Brent Wiebe Lesen auf Deutsch View Overlooking Danzig Pandemics and plagues have been part of the longer Prussian-Russian Mennonite story. What can we learn from our ancestors and their responses as conservative people of faith? […]

Greenland Holdeman Church Building 1920-1947

Previous Next Several months ago, Larry Giesbrecht contacted me with a request to work together with him and Martin Penner from Greenland on a project involving redrawing the historic Greenland Church building (1920-1947). Thanks to Martin’s keen memory and modern technology we were able to make plans and 3D pictures showing what the building looked […]

Russian Mennonite Settlements Dates of Founding

This map is intended to show the dates when the Mennonite villages in Southern Ukraine were founded. It is not intended to be a conclusive list of all the villages but it gives a visual overview of where the oldest villages are.

Early Mennonite House Chortitza 1798

This was translated into English and modelled in 3D to accurately show the proportions of an early log house. The drawing was done to mimic the original Russian drawing. (see below) However, none of the above is original. It is all based on a modern architectural model. The size of the structure is certainly impressive. […]