Map of Fuerstenwerder, Molotschna Colony, 1850's
Fuerstenwerder and Surrounding Area, Molotschna Colony, 1850's
The Molotschna Mennonite Settlement


Fuerstenwerder was founded in 1821 on the east bank of the Begim-Tokrak River. Of the 30 original Flemish families, four were from within the Molotschna colony, the others arrived in Russia between 1816 and 1819. In 1848, according to the Molotschna Village Report, there were 30 large farms… The populations had expanded to 351…The village had 254 horses, 350 cattle and 1825 sheep; there was one windmill.

Mid century agriculture was probably about average for the Molotschna colony…In 1851 the village had 106,107 trees, of which 44,319 were mulberry trees in hedges and there were 531 pear trees.
In 1857 the Fuerstenwerder population was 385(184 males, 201 females) living in 50 houses, occupying 2,230 dessiatines.
There was no church in Fuerstenwerder, but affiliation appears to have been with the Flemish Mennonite Church.

-pg. 124, Molotschna Historical Atlas, 2003. Helmut Huebert


The beautifully coloured Russian maps featured here are from the 1850’s. Their purchase was made possible by the generous funding of the Plett Foundation.