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  1. Hi, i’m looking for any information on my mothers family. Her name was Ida Schumacher and she had a brother Albert Schumacher, i believe they were born in BEKUT or ZURICHTAL. Their fathers name was Adam Schumacher. My mother also had other sisters and brothers but i’m not 100% sure of their names, possibly Walderma, Emma, Olga. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Zurichtal was not a mennonite village, rather a Lutheran one. You should look for your family elsewhere, for instance you can ask at Wolgadeutsche.net .

  2. I could be interested in my mother’s home in Pordenau, father, Johann Schulz and my other grand father Altester Peter Epp in Elizabethal, Molotschna.Ukraine.aaaaa
    How much will the cost be of their village,a farm homes?

    1-780 465-3024
    Walter Epp

    1. Sorry for the delayed response? Are you interested in having your ancestral villages of Pordenau and Elisabetthal, Molotschna area mapped with drone photography?
      Just to make sure I understand correctly. Thanks, Brent Wiebe

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